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SABATON – The Last Dying Breath (The last stand)(versuri/lyrics)

SABATON The Last Dying Breath lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – The Last Dying Breath (The last stand)

War begun, the kaiser has come
Day or night, the shells keep falling
Overrun, but never outdone
Street to street, denying defeat

Soldiers of the serbian army
Keep your heads held high
Overrun, you fall one by one
For Belgrade and the fatherland

Soldiers, Heroes, die for your land
Your lives are gone, erased by your command

Until your last dying breath

Overrun, you’re under the gun
Day or night, the shells kept falling
Sound the drum, the great war has come
Show no fear, the ending is near

A final charge, to face the fire
Falling one by one
Major calls, the white city falls
Belgrades streets are stained by blood

In haste, our lives are erased
Forward to glory for king and country

Defend the honour of Belgrade
Forward to glory, to face your fate at last

Sursa: https://www.sabaton.net/

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