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SABATON – Blood of Bannockburn (The Last Stand)(versuri/lyrics)

SABATON Blood of Bannockburn lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Blood of Bannockburn (The Last Stand)

Now that our time has come to Fight
Scotland must unite
We´ll make a stand on Stirling ground
To put a challenge to the crown
We are one, we have come
We´re here to break and end the occupation
We have our nation’s fate in hand
It’s time we make our final stand

Rally all the clans
Englishmen advance
Blood of Bannockburn
Point of no return

Join the Scottish revolution
Freedom must be won by blood
Now we call for revolution
Play the pipes and cry out loud

We need a king to rule our land
Bruce is in command
It is the crown that in his sight
And it´s the reason we will fight
To attack, send them back
And then we´ll see to Bruce’s coronation
We are the scots with pikes in hand
And we will die to claim our land

Rallied all the clans
Halted English plans
Charge of Bannockburn
Freedom we shall earn

And as the hammer lost its crown
And a weak heir to succeed it
Play the tunes of victory
Play them higher and higher tonight

Wallace showed the way
Led us to this day
Here at Bannockburn
Freedom we have earned

Sursa: https://www.sabaton.net/

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