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Manowar – Battle Hymn

Manowar – Battle Hymn Versuri/lyrics melodia: Manowar – Battle Hymn By moonlight We ride Tenthousand Side by side With swords drawn Held high Our whips And armours shine Hail to […]

Carla’s Dreams – Secrete (versuri/lyrics)

Official Video Versuri/ lyrics melodia Carla’s Dreams – Secrete Clape negre, clape albe, melodia mea Se revarsa iar si iar pe pielea ta Pielea ta, pielea ta Descopera secrete printre […]

INNA x Vinka – Bebe (versuri/lyrics)

Official Video INNA x Vinka Bebe Versuri/lyrics melodia: INNA x Vinka – Bebe Vinka (Mon bébé) INNA baby (Mon bébé) Uganda, Romania (Mon bébé) Link up, let’s go, ra[Verse 1: […]