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SABATON – Hill 3234 (The Last Stand)(versuri/lyrics)

SABATON Hill 3234 lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Hill 3234 (The Last Stand)

Landed on the hilltop, soviet forces are in place
Awaiting orders!

They were only 39
The were told to hold the line
In control

Sent into battle, came from the sky
Trapped on a mountain, and into the fire

Hold your ground
When you’re fighting those who fight

Death is waiting on the hill
No surrender, shoot to kill

You have to
Hold your ground

Kill the warrior in your sight

Death is waiting on the hill
No surrender, shoot to kill

January 7:th, hold the hilltop at all costs
Follow orders!

Holding their ground
To the final round
One by one

Fight through the sundown, into the night
Enduring the darkness, awaiting the light

Stand, hold your ground
Come around
Hostile land
Your last stand

Under fire low on munitions, make your bullets count
Push their warriors back down the mountain, rule the battlefront

Sursa: https://www.sabaton.net/

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