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SABATON – Soldier Of 3 Armies (Heroes) (versuri/lyrics)

SABATON Soldier Of 3 Armies lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Soldier Of 3 Armies (Heroes)

Started out as a reserve,
Soon promoted well deserved
And the legend has begun
With a bounty on his head,
The Red Army wants him dead
Soviet enemy number one

Cross of Mannerheim!
Addicted to the war game
Never ending flame
Victory reclaimed
Oh, we remember,
We remember, we remember!

Shout! Lauri Törni’s name,
A soldier of 3 armies knows the game
Deeds that echo from the past
Rise! from beyond your grave,
Son of Finland and a green beret
May you rest in peace at last
Lauri Allan Törni

Crossed the water a new start,
War still beating in his heart
A new legend has been born
Started out as a reserve
Soon promoted well deserved
Changed his name to Larry Thorne

From the Finnish lakes
Into Germany and USA
All the wars he came across
Cross of Mannerheim, an Iron Cross,
A Bronze Star, Purple Heart
One Distinguished Flying Cross

Sursa: https://www.sabaton.net/

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