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SABATON – Smoking Snakes (Heroes) (versuri/lyrics)

SABATON Smoking Snakes lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Smoking Snakes (Heroes)

We remember, no surrender
Heroes of our century

Three men stood strong and they held out for long
Going into the fight, to their death that awaits
Crazy or brave, will it end in the grave?
As they’re giving their lives as their honour dictates

Far, far from home, to a war
Fought on foreign soil and
Far, far from known, tell their tale,
Their forgotten story
Cobras Fumantes, eterna é sua vitória

Rise, from the blood of your heroes
You were the ones who refused to surrender
The three, rather die than to flee, know that your memory
will be sung for a century

Three took the blow, while impressing their foe
Throwing dice with their lives as they’re paying the price
Sent to raise hell, hear the toll of the bell
It is calling for you as the Wehrmacht devised

Sent over seas to be cast into fire
Fought for a purpose with pride and desire
Blood of the brave they would give to inspire
Cobras Fumantes, your memory lives

Sursa: https://www.sabaton.net/

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