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Elena Gheorghe – Incomplete

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Elena Gheorghe – Incomplete

Strofa 1:
Baby where you are?
Can’t you see a light?
Can’t you hear a voice?
Have to know that love’s divine,
You can’t hide no more in you’re mystic place,
Bring it on the floor,
Come on let me see you’re face.

Tonight I’m ready,
You know I’ve got to reach my goal,
My hands are shaking, thinking of that miracle,
The party started,
Come over with the speed of light,
Don’t break you’re promise and be with me tonight.

I’m incomplete but I don’t give up,
I won’t sleep till I get it done,
I’m incomplete but I’m never fall,
With your love I’m gonna break these walls.

I’m incomplete(2x)

Strofa 2:
You can’t hide no more,
Got to be yourself,
That’s the way it goes,
Come on from your hiding place,
Sun is going down, feel my energy,
Step up close and see,
You got a lot to learn from me.




I’m incomplete(2x)


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