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Mamasita – Knocking at your heart

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Mamasita – Knocking at your heart What’s going on, I’m here in your headphones, Gonna bring my music into your soul, What’s going on, I’m […]

evelina virlan Moon inside your eyes versuri

Eveline – Moon inside your eyes

. Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Eveline – Moon inside your eyes Every minute spins around boy, Round and round boy, You and I on a ride! Just let me take you on […]

Elena Gheorghe – Your Captain Tonight

Video oficial Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Elena Gheorghe – Your captain tonight Dancing in the moonlight, Living on boys and fun, Feels just so right. Drinking, i’m not thinking, I am love […]

Akcent – How Deep Is Your Love

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Akcent – How Deep Is Your Love I’m trying..not To be falling, While I’m into Thinkin’ of you.. Wanna touch youI’m drowning.. Inside you, Forever […]