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Mamasita – Knocking at your heart

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Mamasita – Knocking at your heart What’s going on, I’m here in your headphones, Gonna bring my music into your soul, What’s going on, I’m […]

Morris – Bring my love

. Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Morris – Bring My Love Strofa 1: I can’t breathe, I can’t cry, I don’t know if I am alive, I can’t see my shining star on […]

Dony – Fantasia

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Dony – Fantasia You move your body makes me crazy And I wanna, look into your eyes and tell you baby Prerefren: I just don’t really wanna […]

Akcent ft. Sandra N. – I’m Sorry

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Akcent ft. Sandra N. – I’m Sorry With eyes wide open A new life hope I just realize It was no surprise My heart is […]

Akcent – Let’s talk about it

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Akcent – Let’s talk about it Ohhh…I told you right from the start I don’t wanna be the one Who’s breaking your heart Noo…I’m not […]

Akcent – Jokero

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: Akcent – Jokero No me digas esto a mi No me digas esto a mi Ay sentir, sentir tu voz Ay sentir, sentir tu voz […]


Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: INNA – OK Refren:(2x) You say I wanna be OK, heyyyy, Don’t wanna be away babe, Away from my heart, I want you back. Strofa […]

INNA – Crazy Sexy Wild

Video oficial (official) Versuri (lyrics) melodia: INNA – Crazy Sexy Wild Heart beats steady, baby, ready to play Just let the disco light come and take us away I feel the […]