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Globus – Preliator

. Hossana Meus Fortuna Deus Aeterna Teus Mystre, Morte, Sancte, Pior (( Esere Ait Altyazi Yapayzaka Icin Ozel Olarak Hazirlanmistir Maverick )) Fortuna Hossana Meus Legionus Ab Comae Fortune, Fortuna […]

Globus – Black parade

. Now have we seen this light for the last time They’re turning back the clock and we won’t survive On just hope this time They slowly break us down […]

Globus – Orchand of Mines

. Don’t taint this ground With the color of the past Are the sounds in bloom with you Cause you seem like An orchard of mines Just take one step […]

Globus – Europa

1. Europa (lyrics) . From Agincourt to Waterloo Poitiers and then Anjou The Roses War, the Hundred Years Through battlefields of blood and tears From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc […]